My services


The proofreading and copy-editing of a variety of different texts from novellas to blogs and marketing content to theatre scripts. All texts are approached differently to suit the needs and wishes of the client as well as to cater to the type of text and its subject field; the kinds of editing needed (and the ‘rules’ followed) for texts from different disciplines and subject areas vary, and this is very much taken into account with this service. A different and project-specific method is used with every type of text edited to make sure that it is being approached in the best, most appropriate way. This service ranges from basic proofreading (error checking) to much deeper copy-editing (e.g. checking of content, style, structure, clarity, etc) and is primarily based on each client’s specific needs; in any case, communication about the changes made and the nature of the editing process is open, clear and completely transparent.  

Academic Proofreading/Editing

The proofreading and editing of essays, dissertations, theses, articles for academic journals, research papers and proposals with the aim of helping students and academics excel in their studies or research and achieve higher grades in their university courses.This service ranges from proofreading – checking of grammar, punctuation, spelling, spacing issues and typos – to the more advanced editing which includes checking of content, logic, style, flow and clarity (or readability). The editing and feedback available with this service are very useful to non-native-speaker students – it can help them greatly improve their text and even advance their English skills for future writing. Also available: editing of university applications, letters of recommendation, CVs.

Translation (English to German or German to English)

Whether you want to internationalise your company with a multilingual website or simply need some important documents or letters translated, word-for-word translation or Google translate is often not enough. I offer a highly accurate service which translates your source texts (EN or DE) into fluent, stylistic and error-free German or English (UK or US) while ensuring that the style, tone, sentiment, intended audience and overall ‘feel’ of the original words are always considered –  a practice known as ‘transcreation’. With so many writers, business-owners and marketers these days needing top-quality content in multiple languages, services such as this one are becoming invaluable. This service can also benefit people who are living, studying, or working in Germany or English-speaking countries and need their important letters, documents, forms, and job applications/CVs translated into perfect English or German. With this service, you can be sure that your German and English source texts will be perfectly translated by talented native speakers of the target languages. Also available: the proofreading of already-translated texts (DE or EN) to check for accuracy, sensitivity and consistency in the translation.

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All services include:

  • Clear, open and completely transparent two-way communication between the writer and editor/translator
  • Fast and friendly responses to any writer questions and queries as well as ongoing support during and after the editing/translation process
  • A pre-determined quote and/or payment system that works for both parties (based on the document to be edited/translated and specific needs of the client)
  • The option to receive detailed feedback notes on the text/language that’s been edited/translated in a separate document (to inform about the edits made and to help improve future writing in English)
  • A reliable, professional and accurate service which works within university guidelines and principles

Who can benefit from these services?

  • (International) university students, researchers and academics
  • Non-native speakers who need extra academic or professional writing support and/or help translating texts into English
  • Anyone trying to internationalise their business and reach English or German-speaking markets with original, creative and accurate copy or web-content in DE or EN
  • Businesses needing (marketing and online) content editing and translation services
  • Professionals who need support creating immaculate, professional-level texts
  • Novelists and creative writers