Hello there!

I am Robyn Summers Emler: a professional and dedicated proofreader, editor, translator and a native speaker of English from London, England.

A varied professional and academic career within the field of English, foreign languages and linguistics led me to start my own business offering editorial and translation services to academics, students, novelists, businesses, E-commerce giants, bloggers and, well, anybody who requires them – this variety is what makes me so enthusiastic about my work.

My experience thus far has been somewhat international; after acquiring my Bachelor’s degree in English (literature and language) from Oxford Brookes University with first-class honours in 2012, I moved to Spain, where I studied to further my knowledge of English linguistics and become a qualified teacher of English as a second language (Cambridge CELTA). I used this qualification to teach English whilst travelling through Southeast Asia before moving back to Europe and settling in Berlin, Germany, where I continued to teach business and regular English. I found great enjoyment in helping non-native speakers improve their English in speech and writing, and this motivated me to go into personal language consultancy that included text editing and translation – my client base grew and the type of texts I worked on diversified. Today, I am proud to say that I offer my skills to a range of individuals, businesses and companies.

At the core of what I do is an impeccable grasp of the English language – its rules, its workings and how it should be adapted depending on its use, context and audience. However, it’s what surrounds this that makes my service unique and attractive to many clients. Open, fast, friendly and professional communication; detailed, educational and thoughtful feedback; a clear and transparent approach to editing and correcting texts; experience working with both native and non-native speakers; and flexibility when approaching different types/fields of writing are what make me stand out from the crowd.

When not working, I try and make sure my life is full of things that are either fun or have a feel-good effect; playing the piano, music, travel, volunteer work, reading, (vegan) food and yoga are what fill up most of my time.

If you would like to read more about my work experience, feel free to view my CV here. Or feel free to connect on my LinkedIn.