I help you unlock the full potential of your writing through client-specific proofreading, editing and translation services. Let’s create the very best version of your text together.


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I am an experienced proofreader, editor and translator with a wealth of professional and academic experience within the field of linguistics. I enjoy working with people, and I find it rewarding to communicate with my clients (writers, students, academics or businesses) on an individual level to bring out the best in their writing, unlocking its full potential. My diverse range of work reaches into the world of academia, the sphere of fiction, the professional fields of business and marketing and beyond – this diversity of subject matter keeps me fascinated in what I do.

Proofreading and Editing

The proofreading and copy-editing of a variety of different texts from novellas to blogs and marketing content to theatre scripts. All texts are approached differently to suit the needs and wishes of the client as well as to cater to the type of text and its subject field. The kinds of editing needed (and the ‘rules’ followed) for texts from different disciplines and subject areas vary, and this is very much taken into account with this service.

Academic Proofreading and Editing

The proofreading and editing of essays, dissertations, theses, articles for academic journals, research papers and proposals with the aim of helping students and academics excel in their studies or research and achieve higher grades in their university courses. This service can be useful for students from most subject fields and at any academic level (up to Ph.D.). It is conducted in line with any style and referencing requirements set by the respective institutions.

Translation (English to German and German to English)

Word-for-word translation is not what this service is about (nor should any translation service be!). This is a highly accurate service which translates your source texts (EN or DE) into fluent, stylistic and error-free German or English (UK or US) while ensuring that the style, tone and overall ‘feel’ of the original words are always considered –  a practice known as ‘transcreation’. Let Native speakers of the target language translate your texts, documents, letters, forms, webcontent, job applications and more.

Robyn is most certainly the best person I could have chosen when searching for a proofreader to correct my Bachelor thesis. Her abilities, precision and pace distinguish her significantly from other proofreaders. Even under high time pressure, Robyn delivered reliable work and always tried to adapt to my deadlines. She went above and beyond when correcting my thesis by gaining a
rudimentary understanding of the empirical procedures used in psychology even though she stems from a different background. I am more than happy with both the price and the performance and I know that I will continue working together with Robyn. I can hereby give her my best possible recommendation.


Laurence M, B.Sc. in European Business & Psychology, FOM University of Applied Science, Cologne

I was already near the deadline of submitting my thesis when I started looking for a proofreader.Luckily, I found Robyn, who corrected my whole document in just two days! She didn’t just check for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes but also found places where I hadn’t cited and references sources perfectly in the APA style. Robyn answered all my questions immediately and explained her edits in clear text comments – I think I even improved my English a little bit by reading her corrections! I can highly recommend her!


Marcel K, B.A. in International Business (with specialization in Marketing), Cologne Business School (CBS)

Was für ein Glück, dass es Robyn gibt und ich sie gefunden habe. Ihre Kompetenzen übersteigen sogar noch alle Erwartungen. Sie arbeitet sehr schnell, aber trotzdem präzise, was man an ihren intelligenten und hilfreichen Bemerkungen ablesen kann. Oft motiviert sie einen sogar durch ein liebevolles Lob, wenn ihr irgendeine Formulierung besonders gefällt. Das streichelt doch die Seele!

Sprachlich ist sie top und übersieht auch kleinere “Schnitzer” nicht. Ihr fallen inhaltliche Ungereimtheiten sofort auf, die sie durch Verbesserungsvorschläge aus dem Weg räumen möchte, was aber natürlich immer dem Autor überlassen wird.

Auch ist sie immer diskussionsbereit, was die Höhe ihres Honorars angeht. Aber jeder, der sie erst einmal kennengelernt hat, wird ihr lieber mehr als weniger geben wollen vor lauter Begeisterung über ihre Arbeit. Es macht Spaß mit ihr zu kommunizieren, denn sie erscheint wie eine unterstützende Freundin, die immer einen guten Rat und eine motivierende Antwort parat hat,
auch wenn man mal in eine “Schreibkrise” gerät.

Ich werde mich mit jedem Buch immer wieder an Robyn wenden und habe vollstes Vertrauen.


Veronika Heyelmann, Autorin (Author) der Novelle (Is) Blood Thicker Than Water (2017)

Robyn did a good job with my draft and was always working ahead of schedule. She also provided very useful comments which should help me to improve my future work and writing – this was exactly what I needed since I am not a native speaker. Thank you very much!


Michael F, M.Sc. in Business Sciences, BTU Cottbus